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Healthy and pure drinking water for optimal metabolic function

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There are various water filtration, treatment and energising methods available. Vital Water® combines the benefits of the best individual methods in one unit.

Drinking water quality is of fundamental importance for all metabolic processes in the body.

  • Every metabolic reaction in the body takes place in a watery environment

  • If the quality of this environment is poor the metabolic reactions will not be as effective and in the long term disorders will develop

  • If the quality of the environment is improved this creates the ideal conditions for promoting health, well-being and quality of life



pure drinking waterFrom a biological, chemical and physical viewpoint, Vital Water® meets the criteria for healthy and pure drinking water and helps you to save a good deal of money every month! 

Oxygen energy water filter of a premium class Vital Water® is the first and the only device, enriching drinking water with singlet oxygen energy.

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