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The purity of Vital Water® produced by reverse osmosis is matched only by a few natural springs.

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The innovative filtration process – defined molecular filtration (also known as reverse osmosis) - enables harmful substances to be removed from tap water by a purely mechanical process. They include heavy metals, copper, lead, asbestos fibres, nitrates, pesticides, hormone and medicinal drug residues, limescale, radioactive substances as well as viruses and bacteria. A unique, microbial contamination-freeand semi-permeable filter membrane is used for the filtration. Microscopically small pores ensure that only water molecules can pass through the membrane. All other substances are fed into the waste water system. Around 3 litres of water together with the harmful substances which have been filtered out are fed into the waste water system in order to obtain a litre of uncontaminated Vital Water®.

Should healthy water contain minerals or not?
One place where the answer to this question can be found is in the few pure and untouched springs occurring in the mountains. Without exception they all contain very few minerals. Vital Water® consequently takes its lead from processes occurring in nature, thereby meeting the specific requirements of many water experts

The French hydrologist and water expert Professor Louis-Claude Vincent studied the drinking water in a number of French towns for 12 years. He proved that the number of cardiovascular disorders in places with very hard mineral drinking water was significantly higher than in towns with soft and less mineralised water. Professor Vincent came to the conclusion that excessive mineralisation of the blood can lead to a number of diseases.
Prof. Vincent also established in his investigations that chlorinated drinking water led to a particularly high cancer rate.

The semi-permeable Vital Water® filter membrane lets through the water molecules as well as a defined minimum quantity of minerals. In this way the water is not completely demineralised. Consequently Vital Water® has a mineral content which meets Prof. Vincent’s requirements for a soft, low mineral drinking water (20-167 microsiemens).

The Vital Water® filter membrane filters out all the chlorine from the water thus removing the need for active carbon prefilters which are otherwise necessary.

defined_molecular2Microscopically small pores ensure that only water molecules can pass through the membrane. All other substances are washed out with the continuous flow of water.

defined_molecular3In reverse osmosis a process occurring in nature is reversed: pressure forces water against a membrane which is only permeable on one side.

A persistent problem with osmosis systems is possible microbial contamination of the membrane. The Vital Water® membrane is automatically rinsed every 4 hours. This prevents microbial contamination effectively.

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