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What is the best and healthiest drinking water for me?

95% of mains water is used for washing our bodies, washing dishes, flushing the toilet, washing clothes, cleaning and watering plants. The remaining 5% is used for drinking and cooking.

These figures raise several questions:

  • Does it make economic sense to produce tap water of a comparable quality to the purest drinking water?
  • Can it be right that the water for flushing the toilet is the same as the water we drink?
  • Shouldn’t the 5% of water which is used for drinking and cooking have the same quality as the purest water?
  • Should people take responsibility for ensuring the quality of their own drinking water (approx. 2-2.5 litres per person per day)?

conclusionBy regularly drinking pure water you provide your body with a lasting opportunity for eliminating the waste and toxins deposited, in some cases, over the course of many years in the connective tissue, bones, muscles and nerve cells. This ultimately leads to an improvement in all the metabolic reactions.
The skin, liver and kidney cells as our most important detoxifying organs operate more effectively once more and have a chance of eliminating the toxins and harmful substances supplied each day.

The less water itself is saturated with minerals, the more it can detoxify our body. Scientists and health professionals are coming ever more frequently to the conclusion that even a large proportion of the inorganic minerals which cannot be processed by the cells is deposited in the body and its blood vessels. Low-mineral water is therefore ideal. What is the sense in supplying carbon dioxide to the body when it normally excretes this as a waste product? Consequently many water experts recommend drinking still water.

There are many other questions and views on the topic of water. There are many different opinions on a wide range of topics such as harmful substances in water, minerals, carbon dioxide, drinking water, waste water, water memory, water frequencies and much more. The important thing is to form your own opinion by comparing the different views and reaching your own decision: What is the best and healthiest drinking water for me?

It is now no longer in doubt that pure and healthy water has a significant impact on our health.

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