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Pricelist Vital Water® device


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Vital Water® device



Vital Water® adapter-set IIa



Vital Water® adapter-set IIb



Vital Water® Duo Pack (2 pcs. charcoal filter)


Please choose the length of the connecting tubes and the membrane typ !

Length of the connecting tubes: 1,5m or 2,5m or 3,5m

Membrantyp: SEL = much calcite or SE = normal calcite or SL = less calcite

All prices are ex works (EXW) plus delivery, packaging and insurance


Including delivery Vital Water® - device

1 power supply (100-240V; 24V output)

1 x connecting tube 1,5m or 2,5m or 3,5m

1 x Charcoal filter

1 x User manual English



Compare the cost - it’s worth it!

preislistBefore your drinking water unit takes up permanent residence in your home, you should compare the costs taking into account your current or planned drinking water consumption. The amounts you consume each day and month play an important part in these calculations. Financing a drinking water unit is not the same as financing a new TV or computer. For even without a drinking water unit, drinking water always involves a cost and this should be included in your calculations.

The following price comparison is based upon a 3 person household. Recommended water consumption is 2 to 2.5 litres per person. In the example we assume a daily water requirement of 6 litres and a financing period of 48 months.


*) financing example at 9.99% annual percentage rate. **) carbon filter, molecular membrane, electricity, water and sewage charges

At a monthly consumption of 180 litres of mid price range mineral water, the saving with Vital Water® is already 34.80 euros per month during the financing phase

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