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Vital Water® impresses with its sophisticated technology

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Technical data

  • Automatic rinse cycle every four hours to prevent blocking and microbial contamination, thereby prolonging the service life of the reverse osmosis module
  • Digitally controlled electronic system monitors and controls all functions
  • Various membrane types for low limescale, normal limescale and heavy limescale in tap water
  • Automated water purification with defined reduction of inorganic mineral salts to the level recommended by Prof. Claude Vincent
  • Constant water monitoring by built-in conductivity meter
  • Cut off to reduce water consumption (water reservoir does not overflow)
  • Special high-grade, chlorine-resistant and microbial contamination-free reverse osmosis membrane with automatic self-cleansing function
  • The technology of enriching drinking water with singlet oxygen energy (has no analogues in the world)
  • Dr Aschoff’s magnetic component
  • Energy information matrix for 156 vital substances
  • Integrated magnetic field generator for 7.83 Hertz frequency (Schuhmann frequency)
  • Physical neutralisation of information from harmful substance such as nitrates, mercury, lead and arsenic
  • Visual indicator displays water quality in unit
  • Switching hysteresis (point at which unit switched on again) to prevent stale and fresh water continually becoming mixed
  • Patented electronic control with AQUA STOP switching to prevent water overflowing, incorporating fault indicator
  • TÜV approved quality and reliability – made in Germany
  • 9 litre water reservoir made of special food-grade plastic. Fills in 4 to 6 hours (depending on water pressure)
  • Dimensions: width = 400 mm, height = 345 mm, depth = 200 mm
  • Net weight: 4.5 kg

High-grade materials guarantee consistent lasting quality. Water teaches us humility. It always collects at the lowest point.

Even the most powerful bend down to drink water.

A person requires between approx. 55,000 and 90,000 litres of drinking water during the course of their lifetime. Anyone who appreciates the scale of this amount will conclude that it make sense to examine the topic of water more closely.

Here are a few Vital Water® tips:

  • Drink at least 2 to 3 litres of Vital Water® each day
  • If you are taking a lot of medication, you should drink more Vital Water® than this recommendation to prevent harmful substances accumulating
  • Drink 2 glasses of Vital Water® in the morning immediately after getting up
  • Drink a glass of Vital Water® half an hour before each meal
  • In general, if you are suffering pain, drink tepid Vital Water®, especially with headaches
  • Vital Water® makes tea and coffee a pleasurable drink
  • Use Vital Water® to cook all your meals
  • It will take a fitter around 30 minutes to install and connect your Vital Water® unit (you can do it yourself with the necessary technical skill and know-how)
  • Fill glass bottles with Vital Water®
  • Keep a stock of Vital Water® to ensure you have an adequate supply of good healthy drinking water even if you have a lot of visitors
  • Take Vital Water® with you to work
  • Water your plants with Vital Water® - they’ll thank you for it
  • Coffee machines and kettles no longer fur up
  • Disadavantages of alternative water recycling methods
  • Are minerals in water utilizable or not?
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