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Water has a memory like an elephant

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It has been known for more than three millennia that water contains far more than the chemical formula H20 implies. It is not just the liquid without which life on our planet would be impossible. Water has powers and oscillations which have not yet all been discovered and analysed. Water is capable of storing and transferring ethereal information. This discovery is utilised in homeopathy, for example. Nowadays this "water memory" is no longer denied by renowned scientists

Dr Wolfgang Ludwig, a biophysicist respected throughout the world, conducted numerous spectroscopic measurements to determine water quality. On the basis of quantum theory he reached the conclusion: "Water has a memory like an elephant." The results of his research and testing demonstrated unequivocally: "Water is an information carrier"; "Water is capable of storing information"; "Water stores information, once it has committed it to its memory, at the level of certain frequencies and can transfer this information to other systems/ organisms".

What Dr Ludwig says to the statement:
"Drinking water can be chemically pure yet, from a physical point of view, it can still be charged with information from harmful substances!"

Dr Ludwig: "Water charged with harmful substances such as we normally find today in our wells, which is contaminated with lead, cadmium, nitrates and many other harmful substances, is certainly chemically purified by water treatment plants and rid of bacteria, yet, despite all this, this water continues to display certain electromagnetic frequencies; oscillations which can be attributed to these harmful substances. So, even after treatment, water contains certain signals which can be detrimental or harmful to our health."  

He summarised his findings in a classic sentence which he liked to add at the end of his papers:
The claim – that doesn’t exist - made by some scientists about a field they don’t understand is totally unscientific. One can say however – I don’t know anything about that

A growing number of scientists are referring to this "water memory" thereby giving the discussion about maximum permissible values and criteria for healthy and pure drinking water a new dimension. Fortunately it is now possible to erase the information originating from harmful substances which is stored by water, for example, by means of physical inversion. Consequently water is also purified of all information from harmful substances from a physical perspective.

The Vital Water® unit eliminates information from harmful substances such as lead, arsenic and mercury through physical inversion (mirror image). This means that all the information from harmful substances still present in the water (water memory) is erased. The Vital Water® is now purified both from a chemical as well as a physical point of view.

Again from Dr Ludwig: "In plain language this means that – despite treatment and adhering to maximum permissible values – our drinking water can, to a considerable degree, be injurious to health simply based on the information stored within it. Even after thorough treatment, water contaminated with heavy metals passes information from the heavy metals on to the human body. Even when it is distilled, information from the harmful substances, the transferable electromagnetic oscillations, can still be detected in the water clusters".

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