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Effective treatment with 7.83 Hertz pulsating magnetic fields

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The vitally important 7.83 Hertz frequency is named after the German scientistWinfried Otto Schumann.

schumannSchumann frequency and space travel
Astronauts returned to earth physically and mentally exhausted from the first space trips. Initially this so-called "space sickness" was a mystery. Researchers discovered the cause; unlike earth, space lacks a magnetic field. The solution was to provide, at great cost, the vitally important frequency of the earth’s magnetic field in space.

Schumann frequency – the "matrix of all life"?
The brain researcher Michael Hutchison calls 7.83 Hertz the electromagnetic matrix for all life on this planet, the frequency at which all life forms have developed and, until a few decades ago, the prevailing electromagnetic frequency at which all life took place. Artificially generated frequencies are increasingly interfering with our natural frequencies. The electricity network, for example, is now no longer regarded as harmless by a growing number of scientists. The effect of "electronic smog" will be an extremely explosive topic in future. The problem of external frequencies is that we can neither see, hear nor smell these with our normal senses. The example of the space travellers clearly shows the vitally important function of 7.83 Hertz for Man and life in itself

Schumann frequency and its effects on the body
The way the earth’s pulsating frequency operates can now be explained in detail. Applying the earth’s frequency to the human body has been shown in double blind studies and in practical application to have definite positive results with many disorders. The success of therapy with 7.83 Hertz pulsating magnetic fields very clearly demonstrates the importance of this frequency.

The human brain in a healthy state has also been shown to oscillate at 7.83 Hertz. Consequently our brains are in a natural state of resonance with the earth. The loss of this characteristic would result in not insignificant limitations to our vitality and health.

In just the same way the natural oscillations of water can be disrupted or superimposed by artificially generated frequencies. In addition the information-bearing structures can be destroyed on the long journey through the pipes. If this is the case, water can no longer fulfil its regulatory role in the body properly. The Schumann frequency is all the more important here.

Drinking water is a fundamental component for controlling and regulating all the body’s cells. The Vital Water® unit incorporates a pulsating magnetic field with the biologically important 7.83 Hertz Schumann frequency. It ensures that water’s natural oscillation is restored. The water molecules of Vital Water® are realigned according to the earth’s magnetic field.

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