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Natural features of free flowing water

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Water’s natural structure and quality is only altered because it flows through miles of pipes under high pressure and no longer has any direct contact with natural sources of energy. In some cases the pipes from the waterworks to the intake point in the house are still made of unsafe materials (e.g. copper, lead) which continuously emit small amounts of harmful substances into the water.

There are now only a few artesian wells left in the world with no environmental pollution. Artesian wells are springs where water rises and flows freely from the earth without the need for a pump. The surface tension of this water is low and consequently has powerful cleansing and dissolving properties. This water cleanses itself of harmful substances while, at the same time, enriching itself with energy and information.

The water never flows in a straight line but always in spirals. Water from these wells would be the best and healthiest of all, however most people are not able to obtain and enjoy fresh artesian well water.

Dr Aschoff’s magnetic component follows the physical structure of natural spring water. It recreates the natural molecular structure of water to optimise water quality.

Dr Aschoff’s magnetic component rearranges the structure of Vital Water® to regain the natural features of free flowing water. This gives Vital Water® powerful cleansing and dissolving properties to remove harmful substances from the body.
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