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More than just the formula H2O

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Researchers such as Viktor Schauberger, Johann Grander, Masaru Emoto and many others have discovered that water is more than just the simple formula H2O.

Water is an information carrier. If water is charged with harmful substances or negative oscillations, these are also transferred to the human body.

The Vital Water® unit utilises water’s information-carrying properties in a positive fashion. The situation is that, in some cases, the body makes poor use of the vital substances it obtains from food. Many diseases are attributable to deficiencies in these vital substances. The problem here is frequently that, conditioned by a diet contaminated with harmful substances and environmental toxins, the human metabolic system has lost the ability to identify and process vitally important molecules from foodstuffs.

Years of experience with physical inversion have shown that only by the additional transfer of ethereal information can a substance be better utilised and processed (e.g. as in homeopathy.

The Vital Water® unit stores the matrix of energy information for all the vitally important vitamins, trace elements, minerals, enzymes and amino acids (156 vital substances in all according to Dr Ohlenschlaeger). This matrix is modulated onto the purified water via the 7.83 Hertz carrier frequency. In this way all the essential vital substances can be identified and processed better by the body.  
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